October 23rd, 2015

Darren schwarz

once upon a time....

.... there was me.

I don´t think anyone will read what I now write down but will still write it no matter what.

At the moment and the last year I wasn´t in the mood to finish or write on my fanfictions and the reason for it was or still is a simple one.

NO not that. XD
I´m not into Arashi anymore like I was a year ago. Still love the music, still watch sometimes a show with the 5 but that´s it form a big fan to a little fan.

So don´t wait or hope (if there is even anybody still out there who does this) for a new chapter of an ongoing fanfiction I have, because there will be no one.

Don´t be sad, out in the world wide wed are so many good ones to read you will for sure found a lot of them.

Feel free to remove me from your friendslist but I would be sad and lonely.