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I´m back!

I don´even know if anybody read this well I will tell it even if not.

After 3 years without Arashi and Kat-tun here I am again a fan with alot of love for them and there music.

So who knows maybe one day I will finish my fanfictions and write new one.

So here I am ready to be a fangirl again.

Darren schwarz

once upon a time....

.... there was me.

I don´t think anyone will read what I now write down but will still write it no matter what.

At the moment and the last year I wasn´t in the mood to finish or write on my fanfictions and the reason for it was or still is a simple one.

NO not that. XD
I´m not into Arashi anymore like I was a year ago. Still love the music, still watch sometimes a show with the 5 but that´s it form a big fan to a little fan.

So don´t wait or hope (if there is even anybody still out there who does this) for a new chapter of an ongoing fanfiction I have, because there will be no one.

Don´t be sad, out in the world wide wed are so many good ones to read you will for sure found a lot of them.

Feel free to remove me from your friendslist but I would be sad and lonely.

Darren schwarz


I´m so happy there are still some people who want to read my fanfictions.
Thanks alot. ♥

Now I have a littel problem like you maybe can read my english is ok but not the best.
But for my stories it should be perfect so is anybody out there who wants to read my stories beta.
I know that jellybean6972 or therecklessgirl said once they would do it.
But I know therecklessgirl is really busy I don´t want to give here more work then she still have.
jellybean6972 is your offer still open?

Or want somebody else maybe help me?

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Darren schwarz


Wow it´s been a while since I posted.
Well it´s not that I´m busy but my mood changes annoyes me and then I´m really lazy lately.

So now after I´m back from my vacation my mood is soooooo much better.

And my motivation is back to write fanfiction.
But then I saw my last post of my fanfictions is almost 2 (!) years ago.
Does anybody still want to read them???
If not should I start a new one maybe with Kat-tun and Arashi.
Hmm what do you think? *kock knock* Is there still anybody who read my Lj posts????

Poll #1973072 Should I write again?

Should I finish my Fanfiction or start a new one?

new one
Darren schwarz


♥ I wish you the best on earth.♥
♥ May all you wishes come true. ♥
♥ I hope you had or will have a great day.♥
♥ Clelebrate alot.♥
♥Thank you for your great great friendship.♥
*big birthday hug*

PS: Your gift will be monday on his way to yours.

Darren schwarz

Once upon a time...

....I updated my LJ.
It is not that I´m busy, I´m totaly lazy lately.
I got addicted to Glee, bad bad Klaine. XD
But will update my Fanfiction maybe this year but for sure next year.
So another poll.

Poll #1885747 Fanfiction

Update of my both Fanfiction

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